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Couple dance for their first dance at their northeast ohio wedding

You’re down to planning the details of your day; the venue is booked, and your dress is picked out. Now you can focus on all of those little things that make your day special and memorable. (Or, maybe you just got engaged and you are so freakin’ excited that you want to plan ahead). When it comes to your first dance song, many couples feel overwhelmed by the choices out there. Being a wedding photographer, I’ve heard them all. I have put together my picks for unique first dance songs.

I mean no shade to anyone who use(s/d) a common first dance song. Believe me, in 2018 when I got married, we chose “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs. Not exactly a reach there hahah. But, as a wedding photographer, I knew I didn’t want to pick Ed Sheran or Elvis. 

(How many times that year did I have to listen to “Perfect”? I have no clue). 


I have come up with three first dance songs that nobody is using. Or at least, nobody I know is. Don’t come for me if you go to a wedding this year and you hear it. 

3. Baby, You Know by Ocie Elliot

This slow, melodic song has the perfect amount of emotion to make you tear up when you take to the dance floor. It is sweet, simple and has a great indie vibe-the perfect combination for a first dance. Below are some lyrics: 

     Baby, you know

That you rock this heavy soul

Been a long time coming

Filling up the cracks

Like the world we’re forming

Healing where we lack

Click Here to Listen to this song on Youtube: https://youtu.be/Do2mpo2T1ds

2. Everywhere, Everything by Noah Kahan

Listen. I know Noah is blowing up right now, and I’m sure that I will see some weddings with this song. But I just CAN’T make a list without including this absolute masterpiece of a song. Am I biased? Did I see Noah in concert in Cleveland? Did I scream my lungs out to this song? All of these questions are answered with a simple…yes. Sue me. Noah is still indie enough so I don’t see this topping the “most common songs” list just yet, and if it does? Congrats, you have exceptional taste in music. 

Below are some lyrics: 

Everywhere, everything

I wanna love you ’til we’re food for the worms to eat

‘Til our fingers decompose

Keep my hand in yours

Click Here to Listen to this song on Youtube: https://youtu.be/uVQokyxiXzY

1. Sweet Symphony by Joy Oladokun ft Chris Stapleton 

This. song. This is by far one of the greatest songs i have ever heard for a first dance song. This absolute masterpiece is just pure perfection lyrically, vocally, virtually every way. Joy and Chris’s voices just blend in the most perfect way and I can bet that there won’t be a dry eye in the room after dancing to this song. Seriously, look it up and listen to it.

Below are some lyrics: 

Every day I used to fight

And dream of real love at night

Well, it’s reality now

Loving you’s a sweet, sweet symphony

Click Here to Listen to this song on Youtube: https://youtu.be/KR-FR_-RA_0


At the end of the day, follow your heart and trust your instincts. Remember that there’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting your first dance song. What matters most is the emotion and significance it holds for both of you. So, choose a song that makes you smile, brings tears to your eyes, and fills your heart with joy!

I hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I did, and you consider them for your first dance. I love helping our couples plan out details for their big day. Being a wedding photographer is the absolute best job in the world, and I love helping out! Planning a wedding in Ohio? We are Northeast Ohio wedding photographers!

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