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Let's go back to 2018. Bryant and I were engaged and busy planning our wedding. We were one of the first couples in our friend group to get married, and we had very little exposure to weddings before that. Needless to say, planning was extremely stressful. We agonized over the details and it led to many things being left out and/or deemed "unimportant" simply because we didn't know any better. Unfortunately, photography was one of the things we left out. We "hired" a family member to photograph our wedding (aka, handed a camera to someone with no experience) and it went...exactly how you would expect. So many moments were missed, we had no direction and it was painfully awkward.

We hated the experience. 

When we became wedding photographers we knew that we never wanted another couple to experience their photos the same way. 
We spend your wedding day directing you in a way that makes it feel effortless; and can promise there will be no awkward posing or "school picture smiles". Our process allows the two of you to be yourselves and inspire genuine, emotional moments that you will be excited to look back on. 

To sum it up: Bryant and I put our hearts, souls, knees and backs (thanks Tylenol!) into making sure your photos are authentically you

Hello! we are Bryant + Felicia. let's get to know each other... 


Before my wedding, I took a photo of my rings on a McDonald's chicken nugget. I posted it on my Facebook page because I thought it was funny, and someone actually called me once and asked if I was "The Chicken Nugget Photographer". It may have been the peak of my career. Aside from loving chicken nuggets, (dipped in Ranch AND BBQ sauce) I am an over-grown emo kid with a caffeine addiction. I guess that makes sense why I photograph weddings, since Ohio is For Lovers. (See what I did there? :D )

I started out going to college for Animation, to animate video games. Turns out, I was GARBAGE at it.
 I love riding motorcycles

My drink of choice is Caramel Iced Lattes. My after hours drink: Vodka Sours or Truly

Capturing the beauty of life's memories


I enjoy the outdoors-mudding, fishing, going to the race track and harassing everyone in my small town. I love my Harley (her name is Hecate, goddess of the crossroads). I'm also really passionate about fireworks and pyrotechnics. I design firework shows every year and hope to get my credentials soon so I can make it a side gig. Since I am a "Car Guy", I really want to expand my portfolio to include anything with wheels.

-I graduated from the Vo-ed for Automotive Technology. I now install security systems.
-I love to travel, especially on the Harley
-I'm a die-hard Ford guy
-My morning drink is Redbull. and my "After Hours" drink of choice is Jack and Coke. Although, I will drink a beer or take a shot with you after my camera is put away...as long as Felicia says it's okay.

nobody wants boring, awkward photos

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"We LOVE them! Kyle is tearing up lol! You guys did such a great job!
It was such a joy to work with you!!!" 
   -Rachel A.

Action shots!!

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